Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need TDE?

TDE is a service that works with schools to help recruit great teachers, like yourself. We screen our schools to make sure we can stand behind them and send teachers there.  

Why should I trust TDE? 

We have had the amazing experience to teach in China and have lived there for a number of years. We have vetted a network of schools with the criteria that we would want to see before working.  This criteria includes an industry competitive wage, proper visas for teachers, bonuses and incentives, vacation time, and a training program. 

Do I need to pay for TDE services?

Nope!  TDE is free for teaching candidates, as we are paid by the schools to help them recruit. Our services will always be free for teachers.

What qualifications do I need?

To teach in China on a proper visa, you must have three qualifications:

1)   Be a citizen of a native English speaking, typically one of the following is required: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa

2)   Have a Bachelors Degree (in any subject)

3)   TEFL certificate (we can help with this if you need) OR one year prior teaching experience OR two years other work experience 

How much money will I make? 

Typically, for those just entering the teaching world, salary in China will range between 10,000 - 15,000 RMB (around $1,450 - $2,180 USD) per month, depending on the city.  First tier cities, like Shanghai and Beijing, will often pay salaries on the high range, but cost of living is also much higher.  For second and third tier cities, like Ningbo and Suzhou, pay will likely be lower but cost of living can be much lower as well.  With this salary, you will be able to afford a comfortable apartment, enjoy nights out with friends, and travel! 

What city will I live in?

This depends on where you’d like to live and what jobs are available. Teaching jobs in first tier cities like Shanghai and Beijing tend to be more competitive jobs to place.  We like to remind candidates not to discount the surrounding cities- while Shanghai and Beijing might be the most familiar to many, and incredible experience can be had in cities all across the country. Most will have an established expatriate population.  For those that really want to take a deep dive into Chinese history, culture, and language, these cities are the best way to go.  

Can I get by just speaking English?

Yes!  Very few people have any experience with Mandarin before starting.  Your school will have a staff member to help you find an apartment, open a bank account, and take care of the essentials.  For those interested, we do highly encourage you to take some classes upon arrival (or before) to enrich your experience. 

What kind of apartment will I live in?

Most teachers like to share apartments with other teachers and can typically live in very nice places similar to an apartment in the West. Apartments vary by city and whether or not you’d like to live along or with roommates, but you will make enough money to have a comfortable apartment, no matter where you are.  Schools will typically have a staff member to help show you apartments, and some schools will also include a housing allowance in their compensation package.