Are You Ready to Start Your Adventure Teaching in China?


If you are looking for a new adventure, teaching abroad in China may be for you.   Teaching in China allows you to travel, pay off student loans, and have the adventure of a lifetime.  


We know it can be tough knowing how to begin your search for teaching jobs in China.  With TDE, it's easy!  A free placement consultant will identify your needs and connect you with great schools!

TDE will help you find your dream teaching job in China!  Our partner schools have a history of hiring great teachers, offer competitive pay and benefits, and provide a supportive work environment.  We walk you through the entire process of finding your school and help you get your visa for a smooth arrival in China.

TDE founders and staff all have experience teaching, working, and living in China. Candidates will work directly with a placement consultant that will help you select a school, guide you through the application and visa process, and answer any questions you may have about living and working in China. Our service is always free for candidates.



China and Southeast Asia has some of the most diverse and affordable travel destinations. From being on a beach in Bali to skiing mountains in Japan to hiking in Thailand, these destinations are all within reach. 


 Teachers with TDE will receive competitive salary packages, with some programs offering bonus incentives, housing allowance, and flight reimbursement.




 Teaching and traveling abroad just makes life more interesting.  Gain the experience of working and living in a new culture.  These are valuable life skills that will take you far.




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